Conductive Viton(R) Rubber Cup Vacuum Wand

Item Valve Type Body Material Body Cup
C001-44-X NC Conductive Nylon C001 44-X
C002-44-X NO Conductive Nylon C002 44-X
C003-44-X NO+SW Conductive Nylon C003 44-X
F001-44-X NC Teflon(R) F001 44-X
F002-44-X NO Teflon(R) F002 44-X
F003-44-X NO+SW Teflon(R) F003 44-X
F007-44-X NO+Blow Teflon(R) F007* 44-X
*F007 works only with FV-W-110/240 and 820.
Please specify X, the diameter of the cup, then order the body and the tip separately.
X = 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 5.0, 8.0, 11.0, 15.0mm
e.g. C001 and 44-2.5
Fluoro Mechanic Conductive Viton Rubber Cup Conductive Nylon Vacuum Wand (Vacuum Pen): We can satisfy your requirement when it comes to tools for jewellers, camera or watch repairmen, silicon wafer process engineers, scientific experiments, hobbyists, etc.
Fluoro Mechanic Conductive Viton Rubber Cup Teflon Vacuum Wand (Vacuum Pen): A vacuum wand is a tool for gripping and holding a delicate miniature object securely without touching it with your hand.
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Vacuum Wands for larger diameter semiconductor wafer handling

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