Teflon(R) Cup Vacuum Wand

Item Valve Type Body Material Body Cup
C001-46-X NC Conductive Nylon C001 46-X
C002-46-X NO Conductive Nylon C002 46-X
C003-46-X NO+SW Conductive Nylon C003 46-X
F001-46-X NC Teflon(R) F001 46-X
F002-46-X NO Teflon(R) F002 46-X
F003-46-X NO+SW Teflon(R) F003 46-X
F007-46-X NO+Blow Teflon(R) F007* 46-X
*F007 works only with FV-W-110/240 and 820.
Please specify X, the diameter of the cup, then order the body and the tip separately.
X = 20.0, 25.0, 30.0
e.g. C001 and 46-20.0
X < 20.0mm available
Teflon(R) Cup Conductive Nylon Vacuum Wand: Reliable suction and release of a silicon wafer.
Fluoro Mechanic Teflon(R) Cup Teflon Vacuum Wand: Ideal for die and small semiconductor wafer handling.
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Vacuum Wands for larger diameter semiconductor wafer handling

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